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Mr Black JDS-50 Overdrive

Ray Mullin Music

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WE OPEN, Inspect, and Test All Guitars, Effects, Amplifiers, Etc

Our Instruments are Tuned, Cleaned, and Cared for Daily

All Instruments are in stored in a Humidity and Temperature Controlled Room

 We have been in business for over 95 YEARS!!! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!

While the JDS-50’s sleek and un-assuming looks may insinuate that you’ve got a standard overdrive pedal before you, the JDS-50 really isn’t quite like any other overdrive out there.

From its perfectly balanced frequency spread, to the ridiculous dynamic response held within, the JDS-50 is not only an indispensable pedal-board staple, but a highly expressive instrument unto itself.

Effortlessly delivering tones ranging from meticulously tuned, touch-responsive crunch, to thick harmonic-laden overdrive and even to near-full distortion, the JDS-50 not only sounds phenomenal, but responds and feels like a high-quality tube amplifier, all while retaining the unique signature tonal characteristics of your guitar, or bass.

New for 2019+ Models:
Optional 18V operation (9V standard, 18V capable via external power-supply) for increased headroom, clarity and dynamic response!

Mr. Black is a special division of Jack Deville LTD.

All circuits are designed by Jack Deville and all pedals are 100% handmade in Portland, Oregon right here in the good ol U.S. of A.

We pride ourselves on our extremely high-quality pedals, which deliver stellar tones and almost never break (even after years of hard road use and abuse).

All Mr. Black pedals use exclusively premium-quality electronic components (passives, semiconductors and even solder), only top-grade hardware, and are built with care by a small team of wild and crazy dudes.