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JHS Overdrive Preamp




JHS Overdrive Preamp is a faithful recreation of an extremely rare (read: practically unknown) first version of the DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp. If you love the 250 and are familiar with the legendary Gray Box and Yellow Box versions, this is a must- have addition to your collection. The JHS Overdrive Preamp is a powerful tone shaping tool that can be used as a solo boost, always on preamp, transparent overdrive or distortion. No matter the musical genre or which amps or pedals you have in your chain, the Overdrive Preamp is the pedal for you.


- “Level” adjusts the overall output of the circuit and lets you cut or boost the signal.

GAIN - “Gain” adjusts the amount of gain inside the overdrive circuit. Turning up “Gain” creates more clipping as it pushes the op-amp and hard clipping into overdrive.

SLIDER - This slider switch allows you to explore two variations within the V1 clipping arrangements. The slide switch DOWN replicates the clipping from the earliest version ever found (this mode is the most distorted and saturated of the two). The slide switch UP uses the clipping arrangement found in a later serial number (this mode is a bit more open, louder and more clear).

POWER - Can be powered between +9 to +18 DCV center negative. Do not use more than +18 DCV. Your warranty will be voided. 5mA current consumption.