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LR Baggs Venue DI Direct Box-Preamp/EQ-Tuner

Ray Mullin Music

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L.R. Baggs® Venue DI Acoustic Guitar Preamp 

The LR Baggs Venue DI Direct Box offers a discrete
acoustic guitar preamp. It combines a transformer-coupled DI output for
maximum isolation, an EQ specifically tuned for acoustic guitars, a
variable-boost control to complement your playing styles, and a
chromatic digital tuner to help you stay in tune. Combining features
from at least three stompboxes into one pro box, the LR Baggs Venue
D.I. brings a new level of fidelity, confidence, and usefulness to
performing acoustic musicians. The Venue D.I. is one of the most
comprehensive and best-sounding tools ever to tame the surliest stage.

1/4" input
Input Impedance 10 mOhms
Preamp Gain -12dB to +26dB
Input Level -25dBv to +1.8dBv (.053Vrms to 1.23Vrms) 
Notch -21dB, sweepable from 60Hz to 320Hz, 1/8 Octave
Bass +/- 12dB @ 90Hz
Lo Mid +/- 12dB @ 250Hz, sweepable from 100Hz to 500Hz
Hi Mid +/- 12dB @ 1kHz, sweepable from 500Hz to 2.8kHz
Presence +/- 12dB @ 3kHz
Treble +/- 12dB @ 10kHz
Effects Loops
Send Level 0 dBv (0.707Vrms)
Output impedance 600 Ohms
Return level 0dBv (0.707Vrms) Maximum before clipping
Input impedance 80 kOhms
D.I Out
Output level -1dBv (0.88Vrms) Balanced
Line Out
Output level -1dBv (0.88Vrms) Un-balanced
Output impedance 200 Ohms

LR Baggs Venue DI Direct Box Features:


    • High-end audio transformer coupled XLR for full immunity from ground loops 

    • 100% Discrete circuitry and EQ for sweet transparent and ultra quiet sound

    • Adjustable gain to handle most passive and active inputs

    • Garret Null notch filter to non-destructively handle feedback

    • Full chromatic tuner with footswitch mute/tune function

    • Bomber construction with metal shaft potentiometers

    • Phase inversion for best sound and feedback control

    • Works with 9V battery or DC adapter (not included)

    • Tunable low and high mid controls

    • Adjustable solo boost foot switch control

    • Real VU meter to accurately set gain

    • 4-segment battery status gauge

    • Series effect loop


Clean up your stage and your sound with the Venue DI box.