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Electro Harmonix 1440 Stereo Looper

ELECTRO-HARMONICS 1440 STEREO LOOPER with 20 Loops & 24 Minutes Recording Time, 9.6DC-200 PSU included

High-quality stereo looping with powerful performance features like Reverse and Octave effects, and 1-Shot playback for creative looping!

- Uncompressed audio: 24-bit A/D/A 44.1kHz sample rate
- Loop synchronization to external MIDI Clock
- Undo-Redo function (also available via optional footswitch)
- Reverse and Octave speed effects at the touch of a button or a footswitch tap
- 1 Shot Button, when pressed the loop is played back one time, then stops
- Footswitch selectable for Stop or Reverse/Octave Effects
- Unlimited overdubbing
- Optional external footswitch control for selecting loops and Undo/Redo 
- Adjustable loop fadeout time
- USB connection for download and upload of loop audio files with custom EHX1440 application for Mac and Windows
- Programmable looping order: REC/PLAY/DUB or REC/DUB/PLAY 
- Equipped with a standard EHX 9.6DC200mA power supply